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SK Foundation Anti Wrinkle Course


Course Cost: £1850+VAT
Deposit Today: £500

Our foundation Anti – wrinkle course has been designed as an introduction to the basic treatments that are most desired within the Aesthetics industry.
This course provides you with the foundation to delivering Anti wrinkle Treatments including: Crows feet, Forehead and Frown lines.

At SK Aesthetics we believe that ensuring safe and effective evidence based practice is paramount, therefore, we provide you with all the knowledge and understanding of the Anatomy and Physiology of the skin and face to underpin all practical training.

Our Foundation Anti wrinkle course is run by multi stage learning:

Stage 1 : Pre study
You will first gain the fundamental theoretical knowledge in our pre study.

Stage 2: Written Assessment

Stage 3 : In clinic over 1 day
Recap of Theory
Mannequin Practice
Live models

Your in clinic sessions are hosted in small groups of 4, so we can tailor your experience. The session will start by recapping some of your pre study material followed by injection practice on silicon mannequins. You will then have a live demonstration followed by fully supervised practical treatments.

Stage 4: Certification
You will first gain the fundamental theoretical knowledge in our pre study, followed by 1 days in clinic recaping some of the pre study theory and practical skills.

• 1 day intense training
• Live models
• Live demonstrations
• Complications management
• Accredited certification
• Life time of mentoring and support
• Free shadowing
• 20 % off Emergency Kits purchased on the day of training
• We will ensure a prescriber is assigned to you for clinical oversight.

PLEASE NOTE: Botulinum Toxin is a prescription-only medicine and you will require your clinical oversight to prescribe this for your client

Entry Requirements:
Our Foundation Antiwrinkle course is suitable for both Medics and Non medics.
Medics include Nurses, Doctors, Dental Nurses.

As a non medic the minimum requirement is an NVQ level 3 with at least 6 months experience of needling the skin. This can include Microblading, Micro needling, or Phlebotomy. If your qualification can not be found please email out team for further guidance.

• Facial Anatomy and Skin Structure
• Product Knowledge 
• Side Effects and Contraindications
• Treatment Protocols
• Treatment areas 
Injection techniques
• Health and Safety
• Code of Practice for Hygiene
• Client Consultations
• Hygiene, Sharps Disposal, Licencing and Legal Aspects
• Practice of Injection Techniques
• Complications Management
• Anaphylaxis Awareness





No you do not have to be a nurse. We ask that the minimum qualification you have is an NVQ level 3 or equivalent. For insurance purposes you will need to have at least 6 months experience of needling the skin.

Yes we have numerous courses to start you into the industry including our Access to aesthetics course and our Million Dollar Facial course. Please contact our team for further information if this is something you would like to look into.

Dermal Fillers are non prescribed however Botox is a Prescription only treatment., You do not need a prescriber to carry out the Dermal filler Treatments , however a clinical oversight ( prescriber) is allocated to you for emergencies and for prescription of your emergency kit.

You will require a prescriber for Botox, but you can administer without a prescriber.

You will be able to carry out rejuvenation of the lower face using Dermal filler products of your choice, treatment areas including Nasolabial folds, Marrionette lines and Lip enhancements.

You will also be able to carry out muscle relaxing treatments to the upper face including crows feet, forehead lines and frown lines.

Yes, you will. providing your assessor is happy with your written and practical assessment. You will be required to carry out at least one full treatment including consultation, facial analysis, Treatment and Aftercare.

This is entirely up to you. If you have friends or family that would like to be a model, there is still a model fee, we ask that they please book through our team to allow us to provide time slots and pre model consultations to ensure they are suitable candidates for treatment.

We with genuine Allergan Botox and a variety of dermal fillers depending upon consultation and which product is suitable for the client. However, we tend to train with Revolax.

Yes you will be covered by our insurance on the day of training. You will be expected to seek your own insurance cover upon completion of the course. Details of different insurance companies will be provided during training.

We train a maximum of four student in one group to allow safe practice.

No two faces are the same. All our treatments are tailored specifically to each individual.
Book your consultation for a personalised treatment plan.


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