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Using a combination of technologies including Ultrasound Cavitation and RF to melt some of the fatty deposits, and reposition some of the fat, providing a contoured shape. The aim of the treatment is to improve the shape, firmness, tone and tighten and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Fat Dissolving injections and RF and cavitation treatments combined give amazing results. However a course of RF and cavitation alone with regular exercise is also very effective.

We always recommend booking a consultation with your therapist, so we can put a bespoke plan of treatments together for best results.

We usually advise a 6 week postpartum, however this depends upon each individual medical history. Please book a consultation first.

We always advise some exercise to optimise results. This could be even 1 session a week.

RF and Cavitation is perfect for post Surgery.

Not at all. Feedback suggests this is the most pain-free fat dissolving injections. The most you will feel is a slight prick as the needle is inserted.

How long is a piece of string …..
Usually results can be seen by 2 weeks post treatment. However it is just as important for ALL of our Body Contouring Treatments that you drink at least 2L of Water a day and try and attempt one form of exercise a week.

We work in partnership with insta@g.a_fitness. You will receive 10% off her at-home boot camp consisting of Diet plan and exercise plan.


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