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Hyperpigmentation is a broad term used to describe an extremely common skin condition causing the discolouration or darkening of the skin.


There are many factors that can be a trigger for Hyperpigmentation including UV Ray exposure, Stress, Genetics, photo sensitising medication, chemicals ie perfumes, age, post inflammatory response, Trauma and also Hormones

As one of the most Common Skin Conditions we see at SK Aethstics we have invested into a Phenomenal Brand known for having one of the leading De-pigmentation systems in the world.

We offer two different Programs specific to Hyperpigmentation:

• 3-6 week mild to moderate program
• 12 month Intense Program

You would not need to decide which one would be best for you on the spot as this is something we will do for you taking into consideration your Skin, desired outcome, realistic goals and importantly budget.

A thorough Skin Health consultation will take place before any treatment, were we look at all aspects that maybe affecting the condition of your skin. The aim is to find the triggers to your skin condition to enable us to ensure the right treatment plan for you.

Depending on the severity of your Hyperpigmention will determine which treatment plan would be best.


With both programs you will receive:

• A Skin Health Assessment
• A Prep Kit
• A Prep Clinic Treatment
• Homecare products
• (Intense Program) 1 Clinic treatment & daily home treatment.
• (Mild to Moderate) 2 weekly treatments in clinic.
• An Allocated your own Skin Specialist that will follow you through your program from beginning to end.
• 2 weekly reviews with your skin specialist either face to face, Virtual, Email, and Telephone. Which ever method is more effective and convenient for the client and practitioner.


We have tried to make this programme as effective as possible for clients to see results.

We have seen so many people buying skin peels singular and then because there are no results from one treatMent they turn to using at home bleaching products, and Hydroquinone which can cause more problems down the line. So we are bringing you something we feel extremely passionate about, and only sell our Hyperpigmentation treatments as PROGRAMS to give our clients the best results..

Treating Hyperpigmentation, is something we have a passion for. As a team our Knowledge in treating Darker Skin has expanded massively throughout our career due to the lack of knowledge from other Aesthetic practitioners I ( Managing Director and Lead Aesthetics Nurse Practitioner) have made it my mission to ensure both my Staff and I Continue to develop and educate our clients as well as ourselves on treating conditions on Darker Skin within the Cosmetic Dermatology Industry.

Yes, whilst it is about brands that have specific ingredients to target Hyperpigmentation, it’s also knowledge and education of your practitioners in treating Hyperpigmentation in ALL skin types SAFELY and EFFECTIVELY.

If you would like to start one of our programs today, please get in touch with a member of team, and we will be happy to accommodate you accordingly.


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