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Published: 20th December 2019

Top Tips When Considering Lip Fillers

This is still a trending hot topic. Celebs continue to have these treatments daily. However, in the midst of all the hype, we are forgetting some of the most important things to consider when having such treatments. If these procedures done without prior knowledge / preparation from both practitioner and client, the results could be;
Botched jobs
Unhappy clients
Bad Press
Debates between who should be allowed to carry out such treatments
And a hell of a lot of correctional work! (Meaning extra time and extra money)

This is a journey, not just a 30-minute procedure. So this is just some of my top tips when considering Having a Lip Enhancement:

1. Research - Always ensure you thoroughly research your practitioner. Are they doctors, nurses, dentists, beauty therapists? How long have they been in the industry? Look at the reviews and their body of work. I would always advise if you are not sure, to book a consultation with the practitioner you are considering so you can get a feel for them and also their clinic.

2. Don't rush! - When it comes to non-surgical procedures, we advise all our clients to take their time. Yes, it is dissolvable and not permanent, however, if you rush into a decision before knowing the facts such as swelling, risks, potential side effects, different filler choices, you are more prone to disappointment. So you must ensure that all these factors are discussed with your practitioner to allow them to manage your expectations.

3. Prep - Prep before your appointment! 1 week before, avoid things such as aspirin and ibuprofen. Also, avoid caffeine as this can increase bleeding. These medications also act as blood thinners, which can cause severe bruising. Our advice is to prep with some Arnica tablets. Please ensure that you do not have any special events within the first 2 weeks after treatment. YOU MUST ALLOW UP TO 2 WEEKS FOR BRUISING AND SWELLING!!!!!

4. Duration - Look at the duration of your treatment. Any treatment should not take less than 45mins. All our Lip Enhancement appointments are allocated 1-hour slots with extra time either side. This is to allow time for discussions around expectations, mapping, side effects, numbing, etc. Also giving extra time for nervous clients and/or clients who have more questions than others. Another critical factor is that this allows time for me to educate my clients and ensure they are mentally ready for the procedure and fully understand the process and aftercare.

5. Potential side effects and risks - ensure you have done your research in regards to possible side effects and risks. There are always risks when injecting filler into the face. The lips are incredibly vascular areas; therefore, one of the most significant issues is Vascular Occlusion. This is when a vessel becomes blocked and causes an obstruction in the blood flow. A result of this is the changing of skin colour which if left untreated can cause the tissue to die, therefore resulting in Necrosis. Each of my clients must be aware of this. This is always a risk, regardless of whether a medic or non-medic is carrying out the procedure. However, it's about what techniques your practitioner uses to reduce these risks. If this was to happen, can your practitioner treat it? So again, you must do your research and ask these questions.

6. Expectations - Ask yourself why are you wanting this treatment. Is it for confidence ? Self-esteem? Do you want to look a certain way; like a certain someone? No one person is the same, so no matter how much Filler/Botox or surgery you have will make you look like Kim Kardashian or Kylie Jenner. You are you, and my job is to make you the best version of you and not a version of somebody else. We specialise in natural enhancements, not changing you.

7. Prices - Prices will vary between £100-£600 depending on;
Quantity of Product (e.g. 1ml or 2ml)*

Ladies and Gents, it is going to cost so you make sure you are prepared for this. The non-surgical cosmetic industry is at an all-time high in terms of popularity and revenue. Treatments can work out to be quite expensive, depending on what products are used. Some practitioners will charge more than others due to their social status. While some will charge very little due to lack of experience. But always remember to look at;
The quality of work
The background of the practitioner
Customer feedback
Also, try and get a feel for the environment and the person carrying out your treatment.

*No more than 1ml will be used in one sitting. If more than 1ml is required, a second appointment will be given 2-4 weeks following.

Aftercare - Always ask your practitioner what sort of aftercare is provided following your treatment. Make sure your practitioner is accessible for additional questions, reassurance or advice.

So to recap, if you are considering a Lip Enhancement, these are some of the things I would advise you to consider and discuss with your practitioner prior. Book your FREE consultation with us today and get all your questions and queries answered. Even if it is just a consultation, educating our clients is more important to us than just carrying out a procedure.

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